Land use planning

Land use planning system

Land use planning system has three levels of land use plan with a clear division of labour between them: the regional land use plan, the local master plan and the local detailed plan.  In addition, the Government defines national land use guidelines, which should be taken into account throughout the country in all land use decisions and land use planning.

The land use planning system is hierarchical; higher level plans steer lower plans. The national land use guidelines are implemented mainly through regional plans.

The Regional land use plan of South Karelia is a general plan defining the spatial structure and land use patterns for the whole South Karelia region, as defined in Finland’s Land Use and Building Act. The Plan is an important tool for the regional development and planning work. It primarily defines areas reserved for development, designated green areas, and vital infrastructures including transport routes and municipal services. The final draft was confirmed by the Ministry of Environment in December 2011. The plan is available in Finnish in the Regional  Council www-pages.

Regional land use plan of South Karelia  was drawn up through participatory planning procedures. Local residents, organisations etc. were given a chance to get involved in the planning processes.

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