Regional plan of South Karelia

eKarelia is a smart forerunner – The Regional Plan of South Karelia 2018–2021

We in South Karelia have a spirit of doing. A spirit of cooperation and a shared strategic vision have materialised as being a forerunner, as an example in the organising of social and health services. The regional development plan is based on cooperation and regional strengths. Solid industrial knowhow, the Russian border and Lake Saimaa are our cornerstones. Karelian culture is something we value and promote together.

The region needs people and people need work and a good quality of life. When working together, believing in our own strengths, even a small team – or region – can succeed.

The Council of South Karelia approved the South Karelia Regional Development Plan 2018–2021 in its meeting on December 18th 2017. The program will be implemented and followed through with the help of selected indicators. The central goals concern the population growth and employment.

We approach the year 2030 with the vision “eKarelia is a smart forerunner”. In 2030, eKarelia will smartly take advantage of new technological opportunities. The inhabitants are happy, the people have work and the demographic development is balanced. These aims are ambitious but reachable.

The focus areas of regional development based on streghts and summarized are:

  • Spontaneous and Caring eKarelia
  • Entrepreneurial eKarelia
  • Sustainable and responsible eKarelia
  • International eKarelia

Each of these have a vision in form of a hashtag #together, #achievers, #rethinkers and #atmarketplace

For more information, please contact:
Manager, Regional development, Laura Peuhkuri, tel. +358 40 631 5970, [email protected]