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Regional Council of South Karelia has been one of the financing bodies of the Southern Finland ERDF Programs implemented in South Karelia region.

The funding period 2014 – 2020 has just begun. The main aim of this programme is to promote the development of Southern Finland as an area into a uniform, balanced, and internationally and nationally attractive entity based on the strengths of the regions and to strenghten the competiviveness, accessibility and employment also in South Karelia. The program consisted of priorities, which direct the financing of projects.

Contact persons in the Council:
Director, Regional Development, Ms. Satu Sikanen
tel. +358 5 6163 117, mobile +358 400 661 318

Cross-border cooperation on the external borders of the European Union. Regional Council of South Karelia is responsible of the duties and functions of the Managing Authority of the South-East Finland – Russia CBC 2014-2020 Programme.

Eligible programme area consists of the South Karelia, South-Savo and Kymenlaakso in Finland and St. Petersburg and Leningrad region in Russia. Adjoining areas are Uusimaa, Päijät-Häme, North-Savo and Republic of Karelia. In addition to these, Turku as a major economic and cultural centre is eligible. The goals are built for the possibilities to improve common interests of developing laws, democracy, human rights and social cohesion.

Contact persons in the CBC Programme ]]>