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Statistics and information

Regional Council of South Karelia updates statistic pages (in Finnish) every year. The pages include essential information related to South Karelia region: population, sources of livelihood, living conditions, traffic, economy etc. On the Information pages you can also find our logo and maps.

South Karelia is located quite near the Russian border and St. Petersburg. The impact of the neighbouring Russia is more evident in Southeast Finland than in other parts of the country. This factor can easily be seen on these statistics tables. The utilization of Southeast Finland’s advantageous location requires continuous development of border-crossing points and traffic connections as well as the development of cross-border shopping, tourism and other business, business expertise and logistics. Travelers from Russia use tax-free sale benefit when they cross the border.

Europe’s most significant forest industry cluster has strongly focused its research activities in the area. Bio-economy in general and forest industry especially also support the location of other similar activities here. Forest industry is joined by major players from fields such as energy technology, electrical engineering, chemical technology, and hi-tech metal structures, among others. South Karelia is officially considered one of the most important growth centres in Finland. This means that the vitality of the region is also supported by means of regional policy.

Regional events can be found in the South Karelia event calendar.

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