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Smart specialisation in South Karelia

Innovation Strategy of South Karelia 2018–2021 – ”eKarelia heart beating for innovations”

The Board of the Regional Council adopted the Innovation Strategy in its meeting February 19th 2018. The regional innovation strategy (RIS3) contains our principles of EU Cohesion Policy 2014-2020 aligned Smart Specialization for the remaining program period. As a comprehensive goal is the renewal of industry structure based on regional advantage and competences. The innovation strategy directs the allocation of regional development resources (e.g. ERDF). The main contents of the innovation strategy have also been integrated in to the Regional Development Plan 2018-2021. In the communication the hashtag used is #rethinkers.

Our vision is that “eKarjala 2030 is a solution-oriented, experimenting and learning forerunner region in applying new technology”. In the upcoming years we aim to facilitate the creation of new experimenting environments, enable knowledge based entrepreneurship, and profile South Karelia as an advanced technology region. The key business areas of the innovation strategy are clean energy and environment, new industrial methods and materials, and smart services.

The innovation strategy acts as a common framework for development initiatives in the region and a scheme for setting joint-priorities for development. The strategy is used as a reference in the allocation of public development funds (e.g. ERDF, national regional innovation funding, EU level thematic funding instruments), in the policy dialogue with national authorities, in the branding and marketing of the region’s competence, and in identifying potential partners domestically and internationally.

Innovation Strategy of South Karelia 2018-2021 English summary

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