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Mobility makes opportunity project

The purpose is to promote youth employment and the creation of a favorable conditions in the pilot border regions of the Republic of Karelia, Russia; the City of St. Petersburg, Russia; the Kaliningrad region, Russia; South Karelia Finland, Finland; Värmland county, Sweden; and Hedmark region, Norway. This will in part be sought accomplished by establishing a tight network between employment centers, NGOs, educational institutions and business organizations in these regions.

The project work was carried out in 2016 – 2018 and it included following activities:

1) Organizing a set of workshops for young professionals in several fields; business planning, self-employment, employment of people with special needs and others in partner regions. In them, young professionals will be given the opportunity to prepare their business plans. Best plans may get a reward which will support the start-up,

2) Round tables in partner regions with representatives of employment centers. These events discuss the current problems in employment, and exchange best employment practices for young professionals.

3) Youth Forum gathers youth together and it serves for start-up dissemination,

4) Study visits to Scandinavia; especially Sweden and Norway.

The project manager is Johannes Moisio, tel. +358 400 154 382