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Assembly of the Regional Council

The assembly of the Regional Council has 31 members which are chosen by the community and city level councils. The assembly of the Regional Council has several meetings in a year. Chairman of the Assembly is Mr. Ari Torniainen who is a Member of the Parliament (the Center Party).

Board of the Regional Council

The board of the Regional Council meets every month, and it has nine members. Chairman of the Board, Mr. Jukka Kopra, is also a Member of the Parliament (the National Coalition Party), 1st Vice chairman of the Board is Ms. Suna Kymäläinen (SDP) from Ruokolahti (Imatra) and 2nd Vice chairman of the Board is Mr. Antti Rämä from Luumäki (the Center Party).


Kauppakatu 40 D, FI-53100 LAPPEENRANTA
e-mail: ( ä > a, ö > o)

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Head of the office

Regional Mayor, Ms. Satu Sikanen
tel. +358 400 661 318

Secretary for the Regional Mayor, Ms. Ritva Rehunen
tel. +358 40 40 139 0172

Personnel of the office