Regional Council of South KareliaPlanning and development

Planning and development

According to the Finnish Law of Regional Development, Council acts as a regional development authority.

The main objective of this task is to support independent and continuous development of the region as well as to improve the living conditions of the population and to ensure the structures necessary for economic development. In all activities ecological aspects are observed.

As a regional authority Council draws up the strategies to define goals and measures for different development plans. The measures of the strategies include efficient cooperation with different regional actors and decision makers as well as with other regional authorities.

One of the main tasks of the Council is to sustain regional land using plan. This task is relevant according to the Finnish Law of Regional Development. Spatial planning in Finland is prescribed by the Land Use and Building Act. Regional planning carried out by regional councils represents the highest level of planning.

The regional plan consists of the general plan of land-using for different purposes in the region and it guides the land-use planning of the municipalities as well as the land use in general. When drawing up the regional plan factors as traffic, municipal engineering, agriculture and the use of shoreline are taking into account. Regional Plan is coordinative planning with the central and local administration levels and it is finally approved by the Finnish Ministry of the Environment.

Regional land use plan

The Regional land use plan of South Karelia is a general plan defining the spatial structure and land use patterns for the whole South Karelia region, as defined in Finland’s Land Use and Building Act. The Plan is an important tool for the regional development and planning work. It primarily defines areas reserved for development, designated green areas, and vital infrastructures including transport routes and municipal services. The final draft was confirmed by the Ministry of Environment in December 2011.

The draft of the the plan is available in Finnish in the Regional Council www-pages .