Valikko Sulje

Walking the talk in South Karelia – Smart and Sustainable Highlights

Regional Mayor Satu Sikanen

In 2020 the annual ”European Week of Regions and Cities” expands due to coronavirus pandemic to a three week virtual series of events. South Karelian regional development and smart specialisation are well presented in the coming weeks. 

European Cohesion policy is striving to provide value-added for industrial transition and renewal. To this topic relates the project “Metal 3D Innovations, Me3DI” with its aim to apply the university campus competence of metal 3D-printing to a wide range of companies that can benefit from the knowledge. As an industrial region South Karelia has selected ”New industrial methods and materials” as one of the key topics of is Smart Specialisation. The project has been funded through ERDF funding. Enthusiastic and engaging project work has gained a visible result as the LUT-university project has been selected as one of the RegioStars finalists in competition category ”Industrial Transition for a smart Europe”. Livestream link. 

City of Lappeenranta has recently received the European Green Leaf Award 2021 together with Gabrovo. Our regional capital has been on the path of sustainability iniatives for a longer while already and also inspired others to join in. In the official EWRC side event ”Climate positivity’s impact on development” you have a chance to hear more about strategic goals and achievements. Also on how smart specialisation strategy can be used as a tool toward sustainable development goals. Register here.

One of the large EU funded projects in the region has been the ”Urban Infra Revolution” project funded by Urban Innovative Action (UIA). A public-private consortium has worked intensively on the target to transform industrial waste streams to sustainable products applying large scale additive manufacturing. Join for the final seminar of the project to hear more about novel industrial scale opportunities for sustainability Register here.

Sustainable action is taken also beyond the EU internal borders: Regional Mayor Satu Sikanen is joining a discussion with colleagues on October 14th 2020 in the event “Let mayors speak of neighbourhood”.

As a border region, South Karelia, has a strong role in facilitating cross-border partnerships with mutual interest with Russian neighbouring regions. Sustainability projects is one of the core themes of cooperation and the tool is CBC SEFR program. On the Finnish side three regions are part of it: South Savo, Kymenlaakso and South Karelia. 

More information: Acting Director, Regional Development Ms. Laura Peuhkuri +358 40 631 5970